wax whale, toothpicks, dried buttercup heads and wire


interim show, Goldsmiths 2017
mixed media installation

oil on canvas painted butter yellow, pillow, laserjet print of found image
of a deer splayed across a frozen lake
- and -
mini projector and laserjet print of an image from the Disney movie Bambi,
depicting the titular character lying flat across a frozen lake, with poem projected overtop

hair shearing and poem reading (followed by a song)

[flowing thru loss, illness&care, anxiety&depression and all
the smallm yet strange spaces in between]

Behind the merz barn, The Lake District

laugh line
single channel looped silent projection and dead bumblebees

performance w/ Babatunde Doherty
@Goldsmiths Open studios, Deptford X
4 hour live ‘jam’ with spoken word and live-mixed soundscape,
with looped projection of my dog Zen undergoing Hydrotherapy treatment

oil on canvas

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