no title, yet
photographic series

variations of medical steel wire

late for breakfast
installation shot

milk, drops
silicone rubber, pallet bands and water

flat peat
old sock and garden soil

5 years/30 years
textiles, steel, insullation foam, ballet shoes, 3D print and cardboard box

late for breakfast
installation shot

the end
oil on canvas and trolley

big blue bag
refashioned polythene

face it with a grin
oil on canvas and used birthday candles

wishbone and dental floss

mini projector, insulation foam and looped footage of my dog Zen
walking on an underwater treadmill


mop, dead bumblebee and inkjet print-out
of google image search of aqueous cream 

poster for Beach Rhythm @EnclaveLab
part of a series of performances w/ Babatunde Doherty

©teal griffin, all rights reserved